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Storage Shelf for Jeep Wrangler Hardtop

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Removing, installing and storing a Jeep Wrangler hardtop is generally considered to be a two person job. The top weighs about 150 pounds, but I have been able to do it alone for the last few years. A shelf in my 2-car garage enables me to remove, install or store the hardtop by myself. It's about 58" high and I can park one car under the shelf.  Just pull the front of a car right up underneath.

To remove and store the hardtop, I unbolt the six hardtop bolts, unplug the rear washer/wiper/defroster plugs, and unlatch the two front hardtop latches. Remove the rear seat inside the Jeep if you have one. Back the Jeep up to within a few inches of the shelf, then stand up inside the rear of the Jeep and lift the hardtop with your back. Lift the top up and slide it onto the shelf.

The hardtop then stays inside for the spring, summer and fall, protected from the elements. The hardtop comes off about April 15th of every year, and gets re-installed around November 15th.

For those wishing to build a shelf like this in their garage, the measurements are 70" deep x 92" wide x 58" high.

Notice in the first and second photos, that the soft-top is rolled up, wrapped in a drop cloth and stored for the winter on wall hooks above the shelf. The side and rear soft-top windows are stored in their original factory boxes, folded carefully with paper between them to prevent scratches on the plastic windows.