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Mesh Grill Mod for Jeep JK Wrangler 2007 -2011

Grill Modification - Mesh Grill Screen Guard - Columbia Mfg. Pet Grille - YardGuard Plastic Hardware Cloth - M-D Products Door Grille

1. First Grill Mod Using a Pet Grille, Door Protector from Home Depot

I used a Columbia Mfg. Metal Pet Grille for a 30" door. This is a steel mesh grille, that is available from Home Depot or Lowes. Home Depot SKU # 237788.  Not all stores carry this, but they are available online at this time. They are available in Bronze, Grey or White and can be spray painted any color you want. I used Bronze, just as is. It almost looks black when installed.

Pet Grille    Zip Ties, Super Glue & Mounting Bases    JK Wrangler Grill back side with pet grille    Grill Mod on JK Jeep Wrangler    Grill Mod in JK Jeep Wrangler LG


2. Second Grill Mod using YardGuard Brand, Plastic Hardware Cloth, also from Home Depot. See below

After installing the Pet Grille, I did some more research and found YardGuard brand, Plastic Hardware Cloth in 36" x 15' rolls with 1/2" mesh openings It is available at Home Depot, in the fence post area. I decided to remove the metal Pet Grille and use the plastic Hardware Cloth instead. The Hardware Cloth has square openings that are 1/2" in size and it can be installed in the Jeep Grill so that the squares are vertical/horizontal, or diagonal. I decided to install the mesh with the squares at a diagonal, for a more "factory-like" look. The advantage of plastic, is that it is easy to cut, and will never rust. Some have mentioned that the plastic might melt. I had this installed for a week, and had absolutely no problems. See the finished Jeep below:

Jeep Grill backside with mesh vertical/horizontal    Jeep Grill with mesh diagonal    Plastic Hardware Cloth with 1/2" mesh    JK Wrangler Grill with plastic Hardware Cloth    JK Wrangler Grill with Hardware Cloth mesh close up


3. M-D Building Products, Door Grille. The first two mesh mods work well and look good. I actually liked the first two a lot, but I think this will be the 3rd and final one for me. See below:

M-D Products Door Grille Label    M-D Products Door Grille    M-D Products Door Grille with label    M-D Products door Grill 2
M-D Products Door Grille in Bronze (looks black)

Finished Jeep photos below.

Jeep Grill Mesh Mod    Jeep Grill Mesh Mod 2    Jeep JK Grill Mesh Mod 3


Having done this grill mod three times, I found that you can use almost any type of plastic, steel, or aluminum mesh that you want. I searched Home Depot, Lowes, and various local hardware stores for mesh and screen/storm door protectors. There are lots of different options out there. Caution: Do not use mesh with holes that are too small. You want to still allow good cooling air flow, and some of the mesh that I have seen will block too much air.